Memorials & Headstones

Please note that the location within the cemetery and the type of cemetery will effect the kinds of headstones or memorials that are allowed. For more information call us on 0207 275 0175

We offer a complete memorials service.

A memorial is not just a marker erected over a grave to remind us of the name of the deceased, it is a lasting symbol of remembrance, a tribute to a life now ended and perhaps a gift to someone dearly loved.


Types Of Headstones

Flat markers or grass markers

Lies flat on the ground at the head of the grave.

Monuments (also known as headstones)

Stand upright from the ground

Kerbed Headstones

Lies flat on the ground and covers the entire grave. They may also
include a monument at the head of the grave.

Grave Marker Crosses

A temporary memorial to mark a grave.

Prices start from £60 including the plaque

Alternative Memorials

  • Benches
  • Trees and Sculptures


Memorial FAQs

The most effective way of having your questions answered is to call us on

    0207 275 0175


How soon can I put up a headstone?

Please do not feel under pressure to rush into choosing a memorial. There is no set time scale placed on installing a memorial.

Headstones are typically erected at between 6 months to 1 year after burial, with the minimum time period being 6 months after the burial. At least 6 months gives ground time to settle to and should avoid sinking or leaning of the memorial however, this can vary.
Our stonemason will know when best to erect your monument so we advise you take his advice on this matter if in doubt. In the event of a cremation, no waiting time is required and any headstone can be fixed as soon as permission is granted.

In the case of cremations, a memorial can be erected as soon as permission is granted and no waiting time is required.


Who has permission to arrange a headstone, do I have to be the grave- owner?
Generally, only the person who is named on the Deed of Grant to a burial plot, can erect memorials and decide on the inscriptions.
However, there may be some situations in which other family or friends can become involved.
If, for example, the Deed of Grant has expired and needs to be extended, a second individual can become involved and do this. Similarly, if the person named on the Deed of Grant dies then the Deed becomes a part of his or her estate or is given to his or her next of kin- who would then become responsible for grave memorials.
If you require a Transfer of Deed to be undertaken, the person named on the Deed must agree to transfer the title, and it also requires that both the person named on the Deed and the person to whom the Deed is transferring must register the new information at the cemetery office.

Alternative memorials, such as Planting a tree or flowers in your loved ones name, donating a bench in their name, erecting a plaque somewhere else in the cemetery or in another location, can usually be obtained without requiring the grave Deeds.


What type of headstone is allowed?
The location within the cemetery and the type of cemetery will effect the kinds of headstones or memorials that are allowed.

Each cemetery, churchyard, crematorium or garden has its own rules around the types of memorials it permits, including rules regarding headstone style, size, and features.

Before choosing your headstone, we are happy to help you find out what the rules are at the cemetery or churchyard you are working with.


How long will my headstone take to complete after I have placed my order?

Each of our memorials is handmade. Standard memorials will take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, once we have received your approval of the final design.

Bespoke/ Custom memorials usually take a longer and can range from 12 weeks upwards, depending on your design.

We will give you an time for installation and keep you updated during the process but it is difficult to give you a specific date that your memorial will be fixed as this is subject to weather conditions, and the location of the grave. However, if you have a particular deadline in mind, please tell us at the time of placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


How much will it cost and are there additional charges?
At African- Caribbean Funeral Services, we try our best to ensure honest and competitive pricing of all our products and services and our memorials are no exception.

The exact cost of a memorial is dependent on the
-size -material -colour -finish -lettering – and design.
The Cemetery, churchyard, crematorium or garden where your memorial is to be fitted may make also charge for installation and this price varies from place to place.

Our prices include VAT, Erection on the grave upon a suitable concrete foundation, Artwork and layouts for approval, Obtaining necessary permits from your cemetery or church.
Cemetery Fees will be added to this price and we can advise you on the fee that your church or cemetery charges.

We would love to hear your design ideas and advise you on price so please give us a call on 0207 275 0175
Or email us and we will be happy to give you an estimate.


Who is responsible for looking after our headstone, once in place at the burial site?

The grave owner is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial, and should the stone become unstable or dilapidated, steps may be taken to lay it down, remove it to make it safe.


What happens to the headstone when we need another burial to take place in the same grave? / How do we get an second or additional inscription?
Where an additional inscription is required on an existing headstone (e.g. where there is a shared grave space), remove the headstone prior to the second burial or interment of ashes. Once the ground has settled again (minimum 6 months), we will return to re-fix the headstone with the new inscription added.


How do I/ we choose the inscription?
The number of letters in the inscription may depend on the size of the stone.
Choosing an inscription is a very personal choice. We can offer advice and examples on the wording for the memorial, based on conventions and previous work we have carried out. Please ask for any help you require.